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The Party Wall etc Act 1996 covers three types of work; alterations on or at the boundary of two properties, work to an existing party wall or structure, and excavation close to or below neighbouring properties.

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The Party Wall Act came into force in September 1997, and it generally relates to works and alterations covering three particular types of work:

• Alterations to party structures (usually walls, but may also include floors)

• The construction of new walls near boundaries within six metres of a party structure or a neighbour’s building

• Excavations within six metres of a party structure or a neighbour’s building

Typical examples of work that is likely to be covered by the Act include:

• Cutting beams into a party wall as part of a loft conversion

• Removing chimney breasts that are attached to a party wall

• Excavating for the foundations to a new extension within 3 meters of a neighbouring or shared structure

• Underpinning a party wall to facilitate a basement extension

Our Party Wall Surveyors are trained through The Party Wall Academy

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